Superstock Teams Champs Qualifiers Field Surprises

The 2016 NZ Superstock Teams Champs fielded a healthy grid of 12 teams but was full of surprises from the word go. The big guns were out when the Manawatu Mustangs and the Nelson Tigers lined up for the first race which was set to be a close one.  The Mustangs prevailed in the end but it was only the start of a truly action packed night of racing at the packed Palmerston North Venue.

The Palmerston Panthers surprisingly lost both of their races as well as the Wanganui Warriors which leaves both of last years finalists out of contention to win the New Zealand Superstock Teams Champs title. A great finish was on hand for the last race with the Glen Eagles just sneaking past the Palmerston North Panthers to win the last race. But it was not enough to take them to the finals with the Glen Eagles losing out to the Hawkes Bay Hawkeyes earlier in the night.

The results for each race are as followed:

Race 1: Mustangs beat Tigers
Race 2: Wildcats beat Busters
Race 3: Scrappers beat Warriors
Race 4: Hawkeyes beat Panthers
Race 5: Rebels beat Tigers
Race 6: Giants beat Wildcats
Race 7: GB Lions beat Scrappers
Race 8: Hawkeyes beat Glen Eagles
Race 9: Mustangs beat Rebels
Race 10: Giants beat Busters
Race 11: GB Lions beat Warriors
Race 12: Glen Eagles beat Panthers

The Qualifiers for night 2 match up as followed:

Hawkes Bay Hawkeyes vs Manawatu Mustangs
Gisborne Giants vs Great Britain Lions


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