Scott Taylor enrolls Baird to assist in AGT tilt

Australian businessman Scott Taylor has enlisted the skills and experience of New Zealand’s Craig Baird for the upcoming Australian GT season.

Taylor has purchased a brand new Mercedes AMG GT3, the evolution of the SLS, and it is set to arrive in Australia later this month. Once delivered the car will go through its preparation and track testing before round one in March at the Clipsal 500.

Erebus Motorsport will run the car out of its GT operation after having years of invaluable experience with the vehicle’s predecessor, the SLS.

While Baird has many years experience behind him, Taylor is comparatively new to motorsport but has already clocked up a lot of miles over his campaigns in the Carrera Cup, Aussie Racing Cars as well as the odd GT start.

The Trans-Tasman duo will share driving duties across both Sprint and Endurance formats.

“I had two starts in the GT Series last year after having a dabble in the category at Sydney Olympic Park three years ago,” Taylor told

“It’s a great class because you spend a lot more time in the car and I consequently get a lot more balanced as opposed to a quick sprint.

“You are in the car for 30 mins to an hour and you get a lot more settled.

“The benefit from driving with a pro like Craig Baird is to share the data and the coaching that comes with it.

“So it allows you to improve your racecraft at a greater rate because your team-mate who is your second or first driver or whatever is your coach.

“They have got a 6.3litre V8 so they are not working their backside off.

“(consequently) it’s a more pleasurable drive so you can focus more on your learning rather than wringing the thing’s neck.”

“I think Quinny (Tony Quinn) has got the formula working very well,” Baird told

“Some rounds will work for us and some will work for other people.

“I think overall it will balance itself out. People with will have good rounds, bad rounds and otherwise.”

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