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NZ SuperTourers and NZV8’s will Merge!

This weekend’s United V8 Spectacular at Pukekohe Park Raceway will be the beginning of a new era in New Zealand Motorsport. As many know the NZ SuperTourers and the NZV8 Touring Cars are on the same grid for the first time ever since the split and it is set to stay that way with the Merge of the two groups.

NZV8TC Director Ian Booth, stated “after this meeting onwards we are merging the groups together.” “From the 2015/2016 season onwards, the SuperTourers and TLX groups will be together and the TL’s will be what we call a development series.” “Unfortunately those guys [V8 Supertourers] are tied up with too many legal things going on but hopefully that will not jeopardise what we are trying to put together.” This is looking to be a positive outcome from what has been potentially the worst of New Zealand motorsport in years. Booth believes the new ‘Touring Car era” will kick off in November for the meeting with the V8 Supercars.

With this also comes with the clarification that the NZ SuperTourer competitors will be receiving Championship points for this weekends event (United V8 Spectacular) after reports that they will not be.

Team 4 boss Owen Evans thinks “it’s the best thing to do, because otherwise it would be incomplete. By having [the points] open, it is worthwhile for the guys to come out and have a crack.”

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