Mostert experiences a massive 50G in horror crash

Apart from Craig Lowndes’ 6th Bathurst win, Chaz Mostert’s Friday Qualifying crash was the most talked about part of last weekends Bathurst 1000.

Mostert’s car acted like a pinball bouncing between walls at high speed on Friday’s Qualifying session. Mostert clipped the wall at turn 16 through the esses and his Pepsi Max Falcon was then launched into the adjacent wall at high speed. The PRA Ford then bounced to the other side of the track again when it launched into the air collecting the Marshall post.

The forces involved in the horror crash peaked at 50G! That’s five times that of the highest  Fighter Jet pilot’s experience.

Mostert’s goal for his 2015 Bathurst campaign was to firstly qualify for the Great Race for the first time. He failed to qualify in 2013 after his practice crash left the team with a massive job to repair the car for the race. In 2014 he was disqualified from qualifying after passing under a red flag, although that didn’t stop him winning the race with Paul Morris.

Mostert was left with a fractured left femur and fractured left wrist, and was airlifted to Orange Hospital on Friday and later underwent surgery on Saturday morning to repair his left femur. A follow-up MRI scan then revealed ligament damage and sparked more surgery for the 23 year old.

All of Mostert’s surgery is now complete and he can now focus on his rehabilitation. Whilst Mostert is out of the V8 Supercars series for the rest of the season, he will be out of hospital next week. His wrist will remain in a cast for six weeks

“In the days after my leg operation the doctors wanted me up and walking which is standard procedure,” Mostert said.” Said Mostert speaking with FOX Sports

“I was experiencing high levels of pain while trying to walk and further scans discovered the damage to my knee.

“Going back for more surgery was the right thing to do as it will speed up my recovery once the knee has healed.

“Yesterday’s operation felt harder than the first but was necessary for my recovery. Now is the time to get everything right so I can start my rehabilitation.”

Prodrive Racing Australia is yet to announce a replacement for Mostert, however their DVS driver, Cam Waters, is favourite to replace Mostert for the rest of the regular season.

Mostert is not new to high force crashes at the Mountain. He lost control of his DJR Falcon on his debut in 2013 and crashed heavily, pulling 33G.

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