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Hawkes Bay Hawkeyes Take 2016 Teams Champs

The second night of the 2016 NZ Superstock Teams Champs had plenty of action to entertain race fans. Rollovers, hard hits and wall rides are all part of the action at the teams champs.


Race 1: Superstock Consolation

58p Peter Bengston wins

Race 2: Super Saloons – Group 1 Heat 1

Results: 1NZ, 21h, 13b, 6m, 16m, 99a, 27m, 41m, 53m, 41b, 12b

Race 3: Super Saloons – Group 2 Heat 1

Results: 24a, 95b, 88w, 6b, 7m, 9w, 42w, 96a, 71m, 43m, 36a

Race 4: Tier 2 Semi – Rotorua* v Glen eagles

Race 5: Tier 2 Semi – Wellington* v Stratford

Race 6: Tier 1 Semi – Mustangs v Hawkeyes*

The first Tier One semi took a slow start when Chevron Taniwha was sent off before start for a flat tyre but is was sent back on after much discussion with the officials. Kerry Humphrey got stuck on Mike Mclaughlin and whilst they were stuck in the Turn 1 – 2 mid corner Jason Long came in to turn 1 all crossed up hitting McLaughlan hard in the rear giving both cars quite a shake up. The Hawkeyes took the win to get into the final.

Race 7: Tier 1 Semi – GB* v Giants:

A big tumble by Carl Ross was a definite race stopper near the start. Ross clipped Ethan Rees (who was parked on the exit of turn 2) and hit the wall head on and was sent flying by the momentum the car had. The car stood up rear first and landed on his roof hard on the dirt track. Fairhurst lead the last lap but was jammed by the Giants cars at the finish.  Frankie Wainman then went around the outside of both Giants cars to claim the win. Fairhurst eventually got past to the Giants car to make it a one two finish for the Lions in one of the most incredible races in history sending a team that have never won before into the final leaving everyone looking forward to a riveting final race between the Hawkes Bay Hawkeyes and the Great Britain Lions.

Race 8: Super Saloons: Group 1 Heat 2

The support act had action all round with the 1nz of Steve Flynn crashing with the 12b right near the start. After that incident the race was fairly quite and Mark Osborne rounded up with the win for heat 2 for group 1. Results: 16m, 27m, 13b, 41b, 53m, 99a, 41m, 21h, 6m. DNF: 1NZ, 12b

Race 9: Super Saloons – Group 2 Heat 2

The race was very tame until around lap 4 when the 96a car got spun causing a minor 5 car pile up. The 9w of Mark Pitcher was damaged in the accident and was towed to the infield. Grant Emerson in the 7m car took the win and took it with quite a margin back to John Roberts in 2nd. Results: 7m, 43m, 42w, 6b, 71m, 24a, 88w, 96a, 36a. DNF 9w

Race 10: Superstock Consolation – Heat 2

Jack Miers wins

Race 11: 5th and 6th : Mustangs* v Rotorua

The race started slow until Jordan dare collected the spun 44r car which caused the Rotorua car to pop up on to the bonnet of Jordan Dare’s Red Waka Machine. Dare stuck in the throttle and did a few doughnuts while the 44r car was on his hood and resulted in a minor rollover and a big dent in the side rail of the 44r from Dare’s hit. The finishing order was a 1-2-3 with Hemi, Humphrey & Dare crossing the line for the Mustangs. Salvaging at least something from their 2016 campaign.

Race 12: 3 and 4 Giants* v Wellington

The Third and Forth race didn’t have much action until late in the race the 127g car is sent to the infield a for an illegal move.  The 75g tank of Gavin Taniwha was sent hard into the wall late race by 46w Allan Levien and amazingly gave a thumbs up after the hit but didn’t move the car until after the race was over.

Pole Shuffle Super Saloons

Grant Flynn was on a roll in the pole shuffle and was gifted a place when the 13b car was pulled off for a jump start leaving Grant Flynn to take his winning streak up to the last shuffle. Flynn put up a strong fight with Mark Osbourne but was no match for the Osbourne McDonalds machine. Results: 16m, 6b, 7m, 13b, 24a, 95b

Race 13: Superstock Consolation – Heat 3

The race was very quite until the crowd erupted watch the 3nz of Graeme Barr ride the wall by himself and surfed the wall from turned 2 to turn 4 throwing sparks everywhere and left everyone wondering how he didn’t roll it. The 36p car of Jacob Baker ended up with the win.

Race 14: Superstock Teams Champs Final – GB lions v Hawkeyes

15 laps of madness started with a boom from the fireworks and was accompanied a few laps later by a good take from the 84b car on the 207gb vehicle putting him up the wall.  As the reds came out for that Thomas Stanaway crashed hard losing his wheel to the turn 3 concrete. The 2nz and 16b charged their way through the 2 wounded British cars lap after lap to take the NZ Superstock Teams Champs title for 2016 and their first ever title in the near 35 years of the event.

Top 5 Teams Champs Results

First place Hawkeyes team:

2nzb Jason Long
16b Steve Jude
46b Quinn Ryan
84b Mike McLachlan
87b Thomas Stanaway

Second place Lions team:

37gb Chris Cowley
207gb Ben Hurdman
217gb Lee Fairhurst
338gb Chris Brocksopp
515gb Frankie Wainman Jr

Third place Gisbourne team:

10g Peter Rees
73g Karl Ross
75g Gavin Taniwha
126g Asher Rees
127g Ethan Rees

Forth place Wellington team:

22w Richard Gaskin
46w Allen Levien
52w Paul Fairbrother
89w Dale Robertson
321w Hilton Parker

Fifth place Mustangs team:

74p Chevron Taniwha
79p Kerry Humphrey
112p Shaun Pearson
581p Jordan Dare
591p Wayne Hemi

Race 15: Super Saloon Feature

The 20 strong Super Saloon field started off with an amazing 4 wide salute and the car barely all fitting on the track.  Grant Flynn and had an amazing battle Brent Emerson but was cut short with Emerson clipping the front straight wall and rolling over and out of the race in spectacular fashion.  Although Emerson seemed to be in good spirits after wrecking his $60,000 race car. On the restart it was a 4 car pile up at the back of the pack causing another yellow including Steve Williams. 15 cars were left for restart three with only 6 laps left to go which left for a thrilling finish. At the end of the mayhem it was Mark Osborne in first, Grant Flynn in second and Ben Harding in third. Results: 16m, 6b, 24a, 27m, 1NZ, 13b

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