Evans focused on Manufacturer deal, not F1

New Zealand’s international motorsport superstar, Mitch Evans, is now focusing on inking a deal with a Manufacturer in DTM or WEC rather than following his dream of F1 which he says is now “realistically over”.

Evans, GP3 and TRS champion, has certainly proven his worth in the open-wheeler sector of motorsport however he is shifting his focus on getting a deal with a manufacturer to continue his career.

The transition away from open-wheelers started this year when he finished 2nd in the LMP2 class driving for Jota Sport alongside Simon Dolan and Oliver Turvey.

How is now focusing on a drive in Germany’s DTM series or an LMP1 seat in the World Endurance Championship with manufacturer support.

“Ideally I would like to be with a manufacturer in a top category, whether that’s DTM or LMP1,” he told

“Obviously F1 is realistically over, so I’m trying to start a career with a manufacturer. I think that’s the most sensible option.”

“It’s the way that motorsport is; you need to be with people that can fund a good ship, because it’s so difficult to get sponsorship these days.”

Evans also confirmed he won’t be back racing in a sports car this year, however he said he is likely to take part in some testing before 2016.

“In terms of racing, no. Potentially I’ll do some testing at the end of the year,” he said.

“A lot of the teams evaluate Le Mans stuff, so hopefully I can get a test at the end of the year with one or two manufacturers.

“I can’t say too much more, but that’s what we’re working towards.”

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