Bowe: Let’s shut up, stop the moaning, and go racing!

Australian motorsport Legend John Bowe has weighed in on the recently reignited parity debate.

Following Prodrive Racing Australia’s recent form at the past few V8 Supercars rounds has lead to some of the oppositions team bosses are questioning the new FGX aero package.

The Holden Racing Team’s owner Ryan Walkinshaw took at dig at the Ford’s on last weekend Townsville 400 TV coverage saying; “I’m a big fan of their aero package, (but) not so much them as a team”.

Brad Jones also expressed his concern at a possible unfair advantage Ford had over other manufacturers.

But now the 1995 Australia Touring Car Champion John Bowe has taken to social media to share his view on the “P Word”.

He says, “The Falcons that Prodrive Racing Australia and DJR raced were on the back foot all of last year. I could see it clearly and said it frequently, while most denied it. This year they got another crack at aero with the new body shape – the FG-X. Holden and Nissan also got another go, with the same body shape (as 2014). Volvo and Erebus declined to present anything new, which in my view was a big mistake.”

He then adds his view about how Parity issues were never raised when Holden was the dominant manufacturer.

“What seriously worries me with the currently rumblings, is that there were no grumbles about Parity when Jamie Whincup and Triple Eight won 6 out of 7 Championships. When the Holdens in particular are not dominating, the question of Parity again rears it’s ugly head. Some of my friends in Holden teams are questioning Parity.”

Bowe also adds how racing should be about performing the best on track rather than who is the better “Political Activist”.

” Way back in 1993 and then again in 1995 the political clout of Holden seriously effected all the Ford teams. Racing should be about the pursuit of excellence, not who’s the best political activist.”

He later starts to wrap it up by suggesting teams stop moaning and start working to better themselves.

“Parity and Parity talk will ruin motorsport in my view. Let’s shut up, stop the moaning, and go racing! If you’re beaten, regroup and do a better job next time!”

You can read John Bowe’s writings in full by clicking here.

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