Aaren Russell and Plus Fitness leaves Erebus #4 entry immediately

Aaren Russell and Plus Fitness have confirmed that they will terminate their contract with Erebus Motorsport forcing the team to find a replacement driver and car for Ipswich.

Reports surfaced during the Townsville 400 event that Plus Fitness had withdrawn their support from AR Racing (The Russell’s). The event also saw a last minute sponsorship deal between the gym giant and Lucas Dumbrell Motorsport.

These reports became true today when John Fuller of Plus Fitness was informed by AR Racing that they [AR Racing] had terminated their arrangement with Erebus Motorsport ahead of this weekends event, which subsequently saw Plus Fitness pull sponsorship from AR Racing.

Plus Fitness released the following in a statement issued earlier today.

“A key determining factor for Plus Fitness in sponsoring a Rookie Driver in a Low Ranking Team was to rely on back of garage track activations. Plus Fitness have been restricted from doing this due to factors outside of their control and for reasons they believe are due to the relationship between AR Racing and Erebus Motorsport. This has also impacted on their decision to withdraw.  “

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